Basic Non-IV Package

A Healthcare for everyone

Only  IDR 420K

This is our most basic, fastest, and very effective oral hydration therapy.

30 minutes of oxygen
Oral hydration fluids
Oral medications
Super B Shot

Note: an additional fee will be charged if the patient is oncall and there is additional therapy outside the existing package

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Only  IDR 420K

Healthcare for everyone

UNICARE is staffed by some of Bali's best Qualified Medical Professionals.  We provide a  holistic healthcare and beauty clinic, and offer the best treatment by providing personalized medical care for those travelling in Bali. Our expert medical care will ensure you can enjoy every kind of travelling experience; healthy, energized, beauty enhanced, free of dengue and rabies, and more. Our IV Vitamin Therapy, a full range of Cosmetic Medicine and Dental care will keep you healthy and looking your best. Enjoy your Bali holiday, and while you're here, take advantage of our reasonably priced Cosmetic Medical Services.

Phone/WA : +62 8228 888 3911 

Email : [email protected]

Be FIT before surfing

Free check up Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Blood Saturation, Respiration

Be FIT before surfing

Free check up Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Blood Saturation, Respiration


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A Holistic Healthcare for everyone

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